We recognize that whether you are a tenant or a landlord, a buyer or a seller, you're looking to maximize your profits, minimize your costs and establish the most favorable set of terms and conditions for the real estate transaction you are entering into.

We understand that a client's needs are about so much more than just “the real estate”. It may be about employee productivity and morale; or visibility and access; or ability to easily expand or contract a business. It may be about active investing or dealing with passive income. It may be for the sheer excitement of the next development opportunity.

Tune In

What we do well and first is listen. To your needs, your challenges, your dreams. A thorough understanding of your objectives results in strategic and creative solutions to achieve your goals. Step One: we dial in to your business and remain tuned in throughout the process.


We know the market. We live it every day. Ultimately we shape the market as we craft your transaction. Step Two: we provide comprehensive market information pertinent to your transaction. "Information is not Knowledge" (said Albert Einstein) but together with our experience and analysis, information provides an understanding of market conditions that ultimately affect your deal. Our research serves as the foundation of our recommendations and strategy.


Whether you need all of a building or part of one, a large tract of land or a sliver of one, a buyer for your property or a tenant or two, the Hunt for the solution is Step Three. As tenant/buyer representatives, we survey the market for every viable property that meets your needs. As landlord/seller representatives, we survey the market for every possible prospect to present your property to. We leave no stone unturned. We look in the most unlikely places. As many have said, it's the thrill of the hunt that keeps life interesting.


We've elevated negotiation to an art form. We've learned from the best: our clients, mentors, competitors and allies. Step Four: we create a competitive environment to ensure that you get the best terms available in the market. We establish a sense of competition that leads to productive negotiation. We believe that strategic and fair play results in a winning solution for all parties. We trust that you are of the same mind set.

Carry Out

Deal's done. Documents signed. Step Five: we assist in the due diligence process that leads to your occupancy or landlordship, your ownership or disposition of the real estate you've contracted for. With leases we follow the finish out process closely to ensure you get what you're expecting in a timely fashion. With sales we work as part of your team to get you to the closing table. We advocate your interests until you've got what you bargained for. That's That.

Rock On

Hopefully you liked what we did for you. Because not only will we ask you for a letter of recommendation at the conclusion of our business, we also stay in touch. For years and years as time rocks on. We regard ourselves as stakeholders in each transaction. The long-term relationships that grow out of our work are of huge importance to us. We've always found this to be to our mutual benefit. We are pleased that our clients have too.